• I know how to play “pass the buck” now!
  • The Giants passing the buck on the decision to re-sign Brown is downright vile
  • In 2008 Squarcia wrote, produced and directed the TV series Passing the Buck.
  • "It seems to me as if they are almost passing the buck on to the individual sport's federations.

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"A lot of people feel the IOC have passed the buck a little bit and they've not stood up to be counted," Redmond told Reuters in an interview while playing at this week's Farmfoods British Par-3 Golf Championship at Nailcote Hall near Coventry.

Don’t you hate it when people pass the buck on important decisions? They’re supposed to come up with an answer, and instead they bow out and delegate. But people with this annoying habit might actually be looking out for your best interests as much as they are trying to avoid responsibility.


simple past and past participle passed the buck)

When we condone this behavior, we become part of the problem.
The good ones take responsibility, take corrective action, and survive failure.
Don’t pass the buck – teach your people that mistakes are part of the success equation.
How can we ever fix what we don’t even admit is broken?