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Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)


I will buy the ebook eventually, when the price comes down, as they seem to after a year or so. I don’t forget about Patricia Briggs books. But I do forget most other stuff. I guess I’ll add it to the lost book sales site, not that any publisher ever will ever take a look at it.

I really enjoyed this book, Anna and Charles are great main characters who grow and learn more about each other with each book. I love seeing Anna regain her strength and courage. Charles is a great hero who has a lot of compassion and love for Anna but sees himself as a cold-blooded killer. Poor guy! The mystery in Patricia Briggs books is always very interesting. Her mythology of wolves who are very complex, vampires who are pretty vicious and the Fae who can be downright scary make up a very interesting world. I am really enjoying this story and learning more about Bran and Charles who we originally meet in the Mercy Thompson series. I think Patricia Briggs is a very talented author, I recommend checking out this series and the Mercy Thompson series which I love because the heroine is wonderful. I think the Alpha and Omega series is a very good werewolf series that has a romance and mystery.


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