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  • The parody song Arizona sung by Paul Shanklin and played on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.
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We Hate the USA


Whatever the case, Paul Shanklin definitely has his fan base. His several CDs, produced these days from a self-built studio in his house, are well and widely known. I found that out when I was in St. Paul, Minnesota, last summer to cover the Republican National Convention. I was waiting, along with Shanklin and a longish queue of other people in a fast-food line just off the main floor of the convention arena. On an impish impulse, I said, "Paul, why don't you do 'Barack the Magic Negro' for these folks?" Instantly, several heads turned around, and murmurs went around, all on the theme of "That's Paul Shanklin!" He ended up having to do an impromptu concert, answering requests that ran the range of his vocal panoply.

I was a smart aleck from early on," Paul Shanklin says, reclining in a chair in the den of his expansive Cordova home. It is late Sunday night and indoors, but Shanklin is sporting one of the several baseball caps he habitually wears and which, like his ever-present grin, presumably serves to mask the ever-encroaching baldness which he jokes about openly, as if to say, Yeah, I'm sensitive about it, but I'm not about it.


Houston, Texas attorney Paul Shanklin

Paul Shanklin is the creator of many of satirical bits used by Rush Limbaugh. Shanklin has the ability to do many voice impressions, and this is readily noticeable in his satires.