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was a booster of early versions of the operating system in the late 1980s, but then switched to a strong endorsement of the operating environment after the release of in May 1990. Some OS/2 users accused of the magazine of ignoring OS/2 2.x versions and later. (Columnist Charles Petzold was sharply critical of Windows because it was more fragile and less stable and robust than OS/2, but he observed the reality that Windows succeeded in the marketplace where OS/2 failed, so the magazine by necessity had to switch coverage from OS/2 to Windows. In the April 28, 1992 issue PC Magazine observed that the new OS/2 2.0 was "exceptionally stable" compared to Windows 3.x due to "bullet-proof memory protection" that prevented an errant application from crashing the OS, albeit at the cost of higher system requirements.)


Marcin's Soundbytes Series: PC Magazine's Neil Rubenking

“Louderback has been at Ziff Davis for many years, putting in stints at PC Week (now eWeek) and Ziff Davis Internet before PC Mag. As EIC of PC Mag, he oversaw a much-needed revamp of the print design, and a more recent refresh of its home page. He was also in a dustup in April with bigshot PR guy Steve Rubel, who made the mistake of admitting on Twitter that he never reads PC Magazine any more. Louderback and Rubel had to post an shortly thereafter.