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  • Penelope Lively’s fascinating, lucid study could scarcely be more timely. This is not
  • Distillations of wisdom: Penelope Lively's book offers a series of meditations on memory

Writer Penelope Lively in her garden

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We've put together our first ever Gransnet podcast - featuring the delectably-voiced Fi Glover, talking about wanting to adopt a grandmother; the marvellous Penelope Lively, reading from her book, How It All Began; and the very useful James Daley, answering gransnetters' personal finance questions.

Just finished the book and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for some very pleasant hours reading it in the sunshine. No questions but more Penelope Lively for me. hankipanki


Book Reviews - The Photograph by Penelope Lively

Autora: Penelope Lively
Traducción de Pepa Linares
Ilustración de la cubierta: Sara Morante
PVP: 18,50 euros