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Kate Gosselin and/or TLC must have worked out some kind of incredible multi-year deal with People Magazine. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the fact that she and her kids are covering People Magazine many years past their sell-by date. (People must owe TLC in general, because they’ve also been pushing the younger Duggars in our faces despite all the well-deserved backlash the family has been getting.) It’s been a little over ten years since The Gosselins first appeared on television as part of the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Jon and Kate of course divorced, with Jon going through a series of girlfriends, one more dramatic than the next, and Kate desperately trying to cling to fame through various means, including a much-derided turn on Dancing With The Stars. Now Jon just quit his job at TJI Fridays, Kate is doing whatever she does to keep the money coming in (including this interview I would guess) and some of the kids are estranged from their dad. (More on that in a moment.)

To read Toya’s full interview with People magazine, the issue will hit newsstands on Friday. We continue to send our prayers and condolences to Toya and her family in this time of need.


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Reason #1: One of the reasons that I love PEOPLE Magazine is for all the juicy celebrity gossip, even though some of it may not be the full truth I still enjoy reading all the drama.