• Perplexus Twist
  • Perplexus Epic Released 2010 · 7¾″ diameter · 125 barriers
  • Perplexus Rookie Released 2011 · 6¼″ diameter · 70 barriers
  • Perplexus Twist Released 2013 · 7″ diameter · 30 barriers · rotating hemispheres with handles

Perplexus Original


Just because Perplexus Original is classic, doesn't mean it's a walk in the park. This obstacle course will have you twisting and turning to make it to the end!

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Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle Challenge!

Perplexus Warp features nine internal cups that act as “baskets” when you maneuver the marble to leap into them, and a new internal pivot that gives the illusion of a magnet sticking to the ball, defying gravity, as it travels across a bridge with no rails.