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Ljubimye pesni iz multfilmov. Chast 2

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"Dobrie Pesni in Nizhny Novgorod" is a unique radio product.

It is the only rock and roll culture and entertainment educational radio station in Nizhny Novgorod.

At "Dobrie Pesni" radio station we play only golden classics.

Cigani Ivanovici -Cigani Ljubljat Pesni
Petro Ivanovitch (Cigani Ivanovici)
Cigani Ivanovici - Amaro Kher
Cigani Ivanovici - Gori Gori
Tziganes Ivanovitch - Iagori
Tziganes Ivanovitch - Me Sem Rom
Tziganes Ivanovitch - Le Bonheur
Petro Ivanovitch - Romano Drom

Petro was born in Zemun,Yugoslavia,now Serbia to a famous gypsy musician family. His father was a famous balalaika player in Yugoslavia and he passed his knowledge of this instrument to Petro. Cigani Ivanovici was a famous group throughout the entire Balkan area, playing traditional Roma and Russian music. He now lives in Paris and is apparently still musically active...


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