• 1. Peter Batson, Sr
  • 3. Peter Batson, Jr. B. ca. 1745 Carteret Co., NC D. 1822 New Hanover Co.,
  • 4. Peter Batson B. 1791 Burke Co. GA Married - Wayles, sister to
  • Peter Batson, born 1791 Burke Co. GA. married a MS Wayles

Into The Deep: Exploring The Earth's Oceans


In Peter Batson ambitiously addresses a broad array of subjects pertaining to life in New Zealand's oceans, including ecology, geology, history, fishery politics and regulations, and of course biology. In order to empower the reader with an informed perspective, this essential information is relayed in such a way so as not to overwhelm with unecessary detail or complexities. Yet, the richness of New Zealand's waters and the significance of this study is not lost in any chapter, in fact it is consumed by it. This quality makes for some exceptional, mind-blowing reading.

As someone who lives in land-locked Pennsylvania, I think of New Zealand as a distant, exotic, and very "removed" place. I haven't been there yet, but Peter Batson's book, , provides me the ability to visit without the jet lag -- or the bends. focuses on the uncanny marine life found in the deep waters beyond the continental shelf of this Southern Pacific paradise.


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