• Peter Freuchen
  • Peter Freuchen & Knud Rasmussen.
  • Peter Freuchen on the Fifth Thule Expedition.
  • Peter Freuchen with Navarana Mequpaluk and their children

Arctic Adventure: My Life in the Frozen North


Peter Freuchen was born in Nykøbing, on the island of Falster, the son of Lorentz Benzon Freuchen, a Danish Jew businessman, and Anne Petrine Frederikke Rasmussen. Already at the age of eight Freuchen had his own small boat. Most his free time sailing Freuchen spent sailing the somber Cathedral School and classical education in Latin did not much interest him, but he felt more comfortable in the company of sailors at the local harbor, listening to their stories from distant countries.

Lorenz Peter Elfred Freuchen ( de – de ) explorador , , , y . Freuchen nació en , , hijo de Anne Petrine Frederikke (nacida Rasmussen; 1862–1945) y de Lorentz Benzon Freuchen (1859–1927).


Peter Freuchen & Knud Rasmussen.

In recent days the Internet has been justifiably besotted by a magnificent 1947 photo (see below) of Peter Freuchen and his wife. Freuchen was one of the great Arctic explorers, celebrity adventurer, and author of the pre-World War II period. Among his many other achievements, in 1910 he helped found–and named–the outpost at Thule in northern Greenland, now the site of an immense US military base.