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The Complete Book of Pilates for Men: The Lifetime Plan for Strength, Power & Peak Performance


Pilates does not contain a lot of repetitious exercises that bore you to tears! You only have to repeat a few postures properly before you go on to the next movement. If you want to turn Pilates into a resistance-training workout, then Pilates classes for men may concentrate on building muscle tissues and preventing injuries. To do this, more resistance props may be added to the Pilates program. Pilates for the male sector of the population focuses on a well-balanced aesthetic. This is where Pilates for women differs. Females desire a lean, sculpted body. Any man can practice Pilates with the intention of gaining explosive strength, widening their range of motion as well as flexibility and building stamina and boost energy levels.

Pilates for Men is a DVD title available for sale on the web site , all of these have been recommended by a leading British Osteopath/Physiotherapist, there is also a free down-loadable e-book called “Back Pain Relief”.


Pilates for Men: 10-20-30 Challenge Band Workout : Target

The Complete Book of Pilates for Men will deliver quick and long-term results to any man who seeks optimal fitness and a competitive edge in all aspects of his life.