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A Pok?-Block Party!

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We've eaten at pok pok many times and it was great as always. About 5 min after ordering, our server let us know the health inspector was there, and there would be a short delay in getting the food out. Unfortunately they couldn't even make drinks. Through no fault of their own, we waited about an hour and 40 min with just shrimp chips and peanuts! We totally understood, our server was lovely, and we were understanding and patient, we felt awful for them. When the food finally came, it came fast (pretty much all at once, but we totally understood why). We got a 2nd round of drinks. We were quite surprised and I must say dismayed that not 1 item had been comped - we didn't expect any food to be, but hard to believe no one even offered to pick of one of our 2 rounds of drinks. We shouldn't have had to ask for this, it should have been offered. Poor form, especially from a neighborhood type of joint! We'll certainly be back, but wish they'd been a bit more thoughtful about the customers and the long wait we'd all patiently endured.

We always make time for a stop at Pok Pok when we are in the city. They have amazing food, friendly / knowledgeable staff, and a nice environment. Try the Kaeng Hae Lung ( Pork belly curry) and Khao Soi ( chicken in a coconut curry). They are our favorite dishes!!!


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