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Stabled (The Stables Trilogy) (Volume 1)


Hi Pony Boy (I’m not sure of your real name so I’ll just call you Hal… I dont want to be rude but the practice of Pony Play is not healthy.I dont care if its called normal or weird. When you take your identity as a human-being and give it away to pursue “Pony Dreams” you are cutting yourself short. To be straight… You are not a pony Hal. If you look in the mirror and see a small horse then I am amazed that a horse can type. I’m venturing that you are a created human-being. Practice the art of living as you are created and let the farm animals be real farm animals. You are opening a door to confusion Hal. When confusion is practiced… your compass is broken.

why people are doing Pony play, what is the benefit of it.
I think this is total useless thing, I think people are wasting the time and Energy and money also, if it is any use of this so, Please, Tell me about this, last night i was looking some shots of Pony Trainer on National Geography Channel and i was Shok, What is this why people are doing this.


Pony Play - Serra's Embrace Wiki - Wikia

Our shoot was about three days long, and in those days I ended up being a part of that lifestyle—not to say I dressed up and participated, but just the impact of the people I met. Even though Persephone was the person I was filming, I mentally became a part of her world. When anyone would stare or say something under their breath, I found myself defending her and pony play. Being a non-fetish heterosexual African American male never in a million years would I think I would feel and care about someone like Persephone and pony play, but along the way she became my friend and I did for her what I would do for any my friends or family. In short, I learned acceptance. I walked away from this experience knowing 1.) There is nothing that can shock me. And 2.) It’s not what you do behind closed doors that shapes who you are.