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  • The beginning of Shark Tooth Island in Poptropica
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– The Poptropolis Games are back again for 2013 with two all new events!


  • – It’s up to you to save Poptropica and complete this unfinished island!
  • HI this is poptropica this where you can add friends complete and have fun.
  • This is the villain wich are our enemy in poptropica.



On a dark, cold stormy night, Mad Moon, a Chinese ninja monk cat, set out on a journey thorough the Pop Ocean. His mission was to steal a rare gem back from a kingdom far away on Evilman Island. The person who stole it was Evilman himself. The rare gem was called the Singing Blues. The gem can sing its song which you can hear from miles away. The type of song it plays is the sad blues. It is the rarest gem in the Poptropica World. The trip Mad Moon was going on was long. I don’t think I should say the list of things he brought but I can tell you he brought only nine of his wisest and strongest ninjas.

I know what the island is about. The poptropicans of Eastman go to the berry smoothie place,and turn into zomberries. After that the poptropicans of Eastman who DID NOT go to the berry smoothie place are trapped in their houses and the poptropicans who are now Zomberries are walking in the streets.


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The following night I googled "old poptropica free download", but no results helped me. I sat there for a minute, confused, and went to bed. Somewhere around midnight, I couldn't sleep so good so I woke up and went to YouTube to watch funny videos and Dr. Phil prank calls.