Attic in the house from the movie Practical Magic.
  • Breakfast nook in the Kitchen from the house in the movie Practical Magic.
  • Interior view of the Parlor of the house in the movie Practical Magic.
  • An evening view of the front porch of the house in the movie Practical Magic.

Practical Magic (1998)

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This is my favorite Sandra Bullock movie besides While You Were Sleeping. Love this movie. Own it and watch it often with friends. There are three movies me and my friends watch often together and it's Practical Magic, Girl Interrupted, and Almost Famous. Never fails. It's always one of the three.. Sandra and Kidman are great together and really make you believe they are sisters. The aunts are insane and funny and its great. One of the best Witch movies out there.

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By The Broomstick: Practical Magic Post

Starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, this 1998 classic tells the story of the Owens sisters. Raised by their aunts upon their parents’ death, the girls grew up differently then any other. Under the tutelage of their aunts, they were taught the importance and the power of “practical magic”. However, their powers come with a price: Any men that the women fall in love with will die. Now, forced to band together to fight supernatural forces and break the curse, the Owens sisters must learn to accept and harness their “practical magic”.