• Pretty baby don't you leave me
  • Oh pretty baby don't let me down I pray
  • Oh pretty baby now that i found you stay
  • Oh pretty baby now that I found you stay

Pretty Baby


Louis Malle was one of France's most prestigious filmmakers. Pretty Baby is an excellent place to see the so-called European sensibility at its best. By contrast, I can't think of an American director of the time who could approach this subject unless it were a grindhouse sleaze feature. Most American studio pix with content remotely approaching this were incredibly crass ... just think of the insulting, exploitative . Hollywood sex just had to be dirty.

Pretty baby, don't you leave me
I have been saving smiles for you
Pretty baby, why can't you see
You're the one that I belong to?
I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm
For you're the sun that breaks the storm
I'll be alright and I'll sleep sound
As long as you keep coming 'round
Oh pretty baby


as long as you keep comin' around, oh pretty baby

Five-month-old Isabelle Rose Whitaker stands on her mom, Lilly Whitaker's, lap during Sunday's Pretty Baby Contest at the Routt County Fair. The mom and daughter duo tied for best "dressed alike" pair.