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The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 46


Professors and students in Oregon are working with universities to cut the price of textbooks, the high cost of which, say students, sometimes prevents them from buying food. has connected with multiple students and employees in Portland to raise awareness for this problem, which costs an average of $1,207 per year. This price has inflated more than medical care and new homes – an 812% increase since 1978.

Lawmakers in Pallyup, Washington have proposed a cap on the prices of textbooks. According to Brynn Grimley of , there are two ways lawmakers have considered reducing prices. Rep. Hanz Zeiger’s House Bill 1958 proposes limiting professors to $100 per required book. Rep. Melanie Stambaugh’s House Bill 1973 would establish a pilot program at Eastern Washington University that would use grant money to fund the creation of course materials other than textbooks, like online material and videos created by professors. The goal, according to Stambaugh, is to increase access and affordability for students. Zeiger says, “There are strong interests that keep textbooks exorbitantly priced. It is not a true free market.”


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