• Course Title: Principles of Reinsurance
  • PRINCIPLE OF REINSURANCE INS 701 Trimester 3 Lecture Hour – 5.00pm to 7.30pm Day : Tuesday @ B313
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  • Principles of reinsurance Objective: To develop in the candidate: • a knowledge and understanding of the principles of reinsurance and their general

Reinsurance Principles and Practices


Ambitiously set goals of the business policy are being fully accomplished owing to the operation of "Dunav Re" under market principles, while recognizing economic principles and the principles of the reinsurance industry.

The Law of Reinsurance provides a comprehensive guide to both the law and practice in this complex area of law. It is a definitive reference source for practitioners, covering general principles of the reinsurance contract, examining particular reinsurance agreements in detail, and all relevant areas of agency law.


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