• prized
  • A poet's hope to be, like some valley cheese, local, but prized elsewhere.
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  • This is the British English definition of prized.

Prized Possession was seen on CBS and heard on the Hugh Hewitt show.

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You have rightly stated that mind and memory are and should be the most prized possessions of our life because even if we lose our apple products it can be purchased back again, but if we lose our mind and memory our life will come to a point where we won’t be able to feel and think about anything.

Hi Vinay Sir,
Whenever if someone asked me before to list my most prized possessions I would immediately talk about my precious, costly and rare materials I possess. But after reading this post and Harleena mam’s post I think I will possess my 5 senses – the most.


hand-painted silk tee--What a cute printed ombre.

received mostly negative reception from critics, with describing it as a "flop" and an "overcomplicated mess", drawing attention to the environmental issue of flying contestants to and from Morocco every week on a private jet. The had similar concerns, highlighting the global footprint involved in the contestants' travel, and called the show a "waste of taxpayers money".