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Yes!: 50 Secrets From the Science of Persuasion by Noah Goldstein (2013-02-01)

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I would like to make my own decisions, based on what I find important, and not (only) on what others want. Is that at all possible? Well, maybe not, but I could at least try to be as aware as possible about what I base my decisions on. In the following video, professor Robert Cialdini explains what he sees as six universal principles of influencing.

The Six Weapons of Influence are incredibly powerful and can be combined in many ways. Use them whenever you approach people you want to influence. (And be sure to read Professor Cialdini’s book, Influence: Science, and Practice. you’ll find it most entertaining as well enlightening.)


Robert Cialdini on DVD | The Power of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini has over 124 publications in journals, articles, and books. Professor Cialdini's book INFLUENCE, which was the result of a three-year program of study into the reasons that people comply with requests in everyday settings, has appeared in numerous editions and ten languages. Within his book Cialdini lists six basic social and psychological principles that form the foundation for successful strategies used to achieve influence. Those six principle are: