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Project Gotham Racing


Right from the starting line, Project Gotham Racing 4 creates an emotionally-charged racing experience, where you become attached to your careers, profiles, and vehicles. There are several new features that embody this emotional experience, the most significant being the new career mode.

Project Gotham Racing 2 offers the ability to play online against up to seven other players. You can choose the race type (Exhibition or Kudos), turn collisions on or off (only in Exhibition), set the city, route, laps, time of day, and weather, and restrict whichever car classes you want. The game will always show you real-time leader boards for each and every race. The online has been praised for being incredibly smooth and responsive, with no noticeable lag.


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While the career mode starts off being composed of singular events with the goal being to gain enough medals to move on, it eventually has players racing in full fledged championships — well, if they can progress that far. Even if one does manage to do well in Assetto Corsa, the career mode (which is the main single-player offering) still feels like a poor man’s Project Gotham Racing.