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The Protection Officer Training Manual

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Synopsis: The Professional Protection Officer: Security Strategies, Tactics and Trends (8th Edition) is the definitive reference and instructional text for career oriented security officers in both the private and public sectors. The first edition originated with the birth of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) in 1988, which has been using the book as the official text since that time. Each subsequent edition (seven) has brought new and enlightened information to the protection professional. The material in this new edition includes all of the subjects essential to training of protection professionals, and has been renamed to reflect new strategies, tactics, and trends in this dynamic field. The Professional Protection Officer: Security Strategies, Tactics and Trends contains 12 units and 45 chapters is the successor to the Protection Officer Training Manual, 7th Edition. Written by leading security educators, trainers and consultants; it has served as the definitive text for both students and professionals worldwide. This new edition adds critical updates and fresh pedagogy, as well as new diagrams, illustrations, and self assessments. Professional Protection Officer: Security Strategies, Tactics and Trends is tailored to the training and certification needs of today's protection professionals and proves to be the most exciting and progressive edition yet! . Offers instructors and students all new learning aids, designed to reflect the latest trends in this industry and to support and reinforce continued professional development. . Concludes chapters with an Emerging Trends feature, laying the groundwork for the future growth of this increasingly vital profession. . Written by a cross-disciplinary contributor team consisting of top experts in their respective fields.

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), headquartered in Naples, FL, was developed to facilitate the training and certification needs of first-time security officers and supervisors throughout the private and public security industry. It was registered as a nonprofit organization in January 1998, with offices in the United States and Canada. The Foundation works with corporations, colleges and protection professionals to develop professional growth opportunities for students and career security professionals. IFPO publications include The Protection Officer Training Manual, now in its 7th edition, and Security Supervision and Management: The Theory and Practice of Asset Protection.


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