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Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs with Introducory by Robert Donaldson (with linked TOC)

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On the other side stood important figures like Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen. Justin accused the Jewish opponents of Christianity of deliberately rejecting certain pseudepigraphical books on the basis that they contained passages of apologetic use for Christian doctrine. To Justin such material was authentic Scripture. Clement regularly cited pseudepigraphical books in his writings (e.g., 1 Enoch), but does not appear to consider them canonical. He even cites Paul as advocating the use of “Hellenic books” like the Sibylline Oracles because of their usefulness. These oracles are in fact quoted hundreds of times in the Fathers. Origen’s attitude was much the same. It is clear from his work on the Hexapla that Origen considered the canon to be fixed along traditional lines. However, he freely quoted pseudepigraphic material to support his understanding of Scripture.

Jude forthrightly claims that he was led by God in the writing of his epistle (see notes on Jude 3). He referred to the dispute of Michael with Satan over the body of Moses (Jude 9) and the prophecy of Enoch made even before the great Flood (Jude 14). These two events are known elsewhere only from the pseudepigraphical books known, respectively, as and . Jude’s inspired references to these books do not, of course, mean that the books themselves were inspired writings, but rather that certain portions of them did convey authentic histories. They were written some time before the time of Christ, and apparently, whatever their original source may have been, did have at least some true historical records preserved in them. Consequently, Jude gives us certain fascinating insights into the ancient world which had not been inscripturated before.


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