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  • International Psychic Medium, Joan Frances Boyle invites you to take part in her FREE Psychic Revelations Column.
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Psychic: The Revelation

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Psychic Revelation has a new sister site called Tarot Time! Tarot Time is more of a community website whereas Psychic Revelation is more of a reference website. Tarot Time will also include hints and tips as well as subtly different interpretations and definitions. Why subtly different? Well, those of you who have been long term visitors here will know that Psychic Revelation's tarot card meanings were written by Charis. Tarot Time's were written by Talisman and we think the two sites compliment each other well as you now have two slightly different viewpoints to aid you in your tarot interpretations.


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Today, the site has been widely well-known for more topics concerning the spiritual world. At least, it welcomes 5,000 participants online every day. In addition, Psychic Revelation also helps visitors get psychic readings over the phone, via email or chat. All in all, it is indeed an ideal zone for us to consult whenever getting stuck in any issue.