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Later, in the episode "", Q reappears on the , asking Janeway to bear his child. He eventually reveals that the uncertainty and instability caused by Quinn's suicide divided the Continuum, causing a civil war between Quinn's progressive followers and the conservative traditionalists of the Continuum. Q believes that the birth of a new member of the Continuum could revitalize the Q by giving them something new to focus on after millennia of stagnation and boredom. Janeway refuses, and after she and her crew bring about a ceasefire in the Continuum, Q eventually mates with the female Q with whom he had been involved (referred to in novels as 'Lady Q'), producing a son. Q makes Janeway his godmother.

In , Q appeared to Captain Janeway after she stepped through an . Before sending her back to , Q explained to Janeway that it was the Q who gave the Iconians their incredible teleportation technology over 200,000 years previously. ( : "")


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