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QuickBooks Pro 2016 Small Business Accounting Software with Free QuickBooks Online Essentials

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The majority of nonprofits use the very popular QuickBooks accounting software. While this software may be too expensive for most small nonprofits (see if you can find it on ), it needs to be included on this list. QuickBooks Nonprofit has all the features of QuickBooks Pro with tools specifically for nonprofit organizations. Advanced reports include program budget tracking donations and expenses. QuickBooks also has a variety of add-ons (additional fees apply) for payroll credit card processing, bill pay services, check printing and more - so the conveniences are there, but they can really add up.

Export to QuickBooks Accounting Software

Payroll Mate allows for exporting payroll checks into QuickBooks IIF file which you can later import inside QuickBooks. The process of exporting payroll checks from Payroll Mate into QuickBooks is divided into two phases:
Phase One: Generating the IIF file inside Payroll Mate.
Phase Two: Importing the generated IIF file inside QuickBooks.


Accounting Software for Small Business - Intuit QuickBooks

Of course, Intuit brings in millions each quarter from other properties, like TurboTax tax software and QuickBooks accounting software, but Quicken at one point was a sort of institution in desktop software designed to keep track of what you spend.