more about Banali's decision to bring Quiet Riot back
  • and details on an upcoming Quiet Riot documentar
  • Not to be confused with the other self-titled album from 1988 also known as QR or Quiet Riot IV.
  • Quiet Riot - Highway To Hell (2-CD Compilation) 2016 320ak
  • Quiet Riot - Highway To Hell (Compilation)

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Quiet Riot started in 1973, founded by
singer Kevin DuBrow and legendary
guitarist Randy Rhoads. They have had
more than their share of ups and
downs--many member changes, splits
and reunions. The band has played years

However, in 2010, Banali got to work on putting the band back together. Banali, bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Alex
Grossi--all of whom have played with Quiet Riot since the


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On December 10, 2007, media reports confirmed that DuBrow was pronounced dead on November 25, 2007, and was later determined to have died of a cocaine overdose approximately six days earlier. On January 14, 2008, Banali issued the following statement via his website regarding the future of Quiet Riot: