The quotes are from the Talmud written in Aramaic and Hebrew.
  • quotes from the Talmud by Michael Gruda
  • Quotes from the Talmud
  • I am sure that I missed adding quite a few of these and will add the rest some time, but here is a sampling of quotes from the Talmud…
  • Quotes from the Talmud

I Believe, I Receive


The prosecution in that 1915 trial, which was decried internationally for its resemblance to medieval blood libels, cherry-picked quotes from the Talmud, a central text of Orthodox Jewish tradition, to argue that Beilis had killed the boy for religious purposes.

A small selection of quotations from the Talmud, which is the ultimate source of Jewish morality, for believers and non-believing Jews alike, illustrates in detail what extremist Jews actually think about non-Jews.


Hoffman Demolishes ADL on Talmud - Part I

The fourth accusation is the one on which I will be focussing. Because today's Orthodox Jews still lead their lives based on the laws contained in the Talmud, it is incumbent upon Jews to understand and explain that their religious laws are not racist or derogatory to gentiles. Jewish law, as contained in the Talmud, treats gentiles with the proper respect due to a person created in the image of G-d. Their property and lives are honored and any (mis)quotes from the Talmud indicating otherwise need to be seen in their original language and context.