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The Randolph Scott Roundup - 6 Classic Westerns: A Lawless Street, The Tall T, Decision At Sundown, Buchanan Rides Alone, Ride Lonesome, and Comanche Station


Randolph Scott, who is getting to look and act more and more like , herein shapes one of the truest and most appreciable characters of his career as the party's scout.

He is mentioned in the film when Sheriff Bart tries to convince the reluctant citizens of Rock Ridge to support his plan to save the town. He says "you'd do it for Randolph Scott" and they rise, putting their hands to their hearts and saying reverently "Randolph Scott", echoed by an off-screen chorus, and agree to help the sheriff.


David Randolph Scott, U.S. astronaut

Randolph Scott made ​​his film debut in the silent film (1928). And in 1929 has a small role in the western starring . Scott was one of the leading film actors in starring western, and one of the best interpreters of the genre. Its first western classics were (1936) and (1941) directed by .