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  • The RCA ANT751 will be available early in 2009 with a suggested retail price $79.99.
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RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

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The is an indoor antenna. This basic antenna works well on most televisions and is HDTV-compatible. It is a high-quality but quite affordable antenna. It has a sleek design and is ENERGY STAR-certified. It is a passive antenna system with 12 positions. Designed to be easy to use and easy to install, this RCA antenna is ideal for those who want basic reception improvement. It is a traditional style antenna, unlike the stylish, sleeker flat antennas available from RCA.

My antenna is a roof mounted RCA ANT751. My TV towers are located only 20 miles from my house and they are all located next to each other, so no need for an omni-directional antenna. The antenna is grounded with 6 gauge copper wire to a grounding post pounded eight feet in to the ground. I use a Wineguard LNA 200 pre-amplifier to push my signal down 75 feet of grounded RG6 quad coax (to get the signal from the roof to my basement). Before entering the house I use a grounded lighting suppressor on the coax line (just in case). Once in the basement, I run a CM3418 8-port distribution amp to send the signal to four TV’s plus the Tablo. All of the coax hooked to the dist amp is RG6 quad coax.


RCA ANT751 Outdoor Digital TV Antenna - fryselectronics

This is much like the RCA ANT751 & Denny's EZ HD above, in fact they have identical front ends. The difference being the rear VHF sections. The Winegard 7000R has elements designed to give some good VHF Low performance as well as VHF High and UHF. It's a great first step to an outdoor antenna, when those telescoping dipoles on the Rabbit Ears, just arent cutting it. You get additional gain from getting outside and up high as well. Well built in the Winegard tradition.