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Read Me Stories: Learn to Read


Entitled "First World Problems Anthem," the 1-minute video features "complaints" like this one, read by a woman standing outside a house: "I hate it when my neighbors block their wifi." Or this one, read by a young boy standing among pigs and chickens: "I hate when I tell them no pickles, and they still give me pickles."

To celebrate the nation’s week of reading, Sainsbury’s is encouraging children to read more by exploring the world of books and dress up as their favourite fictional characters.


I Need My Monster read by Rita Moreno

Learning to read in a second language, especially in adulthood, may be a different process than learning to read a native language in childhood. There are cases of very young children learning to read without having been taught. Such was the case with who reportedly taught himself to read and write at the age of five. There are also accounts of people who taught themselves to read by comparing street signs or Biblical passages to speech. The novelist taught himself to read at age six during a transatlantic crossing by studying a book about boats.[]