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THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (illustrated, complete, and unabridged)

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I read The Count Of Montecristo a long time ago and I really enjoyed reading it. It is a book I suggest to everyone in search for a classic novel full of mistery, action and vengeance.
The story takes set in France, but there are some facts that take place also in Italy (in fact, Montecristo is an italian island). Read this book and you won’t regret it.

It is an achievement in every department, and represents the pinnacle of the many genres it incorporates; romance, action, and revenge story, you won’t find much better of any of these than are in this show. At heart Gankutsuou is a tale of revenge, fuelled by betrayal and the remnants of a passionate love story, which delves deep into the human condition by weaving powerful emotion such as greed, and lust into its story. Touching at times, darkly melodramatic at others, it covers the full spectrum of emotions, and, unlike many other anime, it is not bogged down in redundant complexities or confusing fictional terminology, it is a straightforward story of epic scale and powerful depth. Of course, those who have read the Count of Monte Cristo will already be well aware of the nature of the story, but for those who haven’t (which includes me) the show has a gripping plot that is guaranteed to make you think and feel.


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