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What I really liked about Redeployment was the way Klay explores many different avenues of the Iraq war to give a full view of its implications. Not all of his characters are on the front lines. We also have vets returning home and struggling to adapt to civilian life, men on the front lines, men who made decisions, and men who worked behind the scenes. The only perspective missing–and this is not insignificant–is a female one. Far too often story collections essentially tell the same story over and over again; Klay’s broader scope is far more effective in engaging with his subject matter.

In fact, at times the first half of Redeployment was like a hybrid of The Things They Carried and the other greatest war novel of all time, Catch 22. This is particularly true in the story “Money as a Weapons System,” which fuses the visceral punch of TTTC with Joseph Heller’s absurdist take-down of military bureaucracy. Klay, who won the National Book Award for this (his debut publication), proves remarkably adept at balancing gallows humor and sucker-punch dramatic moments.


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Redeployment is an uneven collection, but from stories that are brilliant to those that are so-so, every page warrants reading. It doesn't matter if the reader is pro-war, anti-war, or indifferent, Redeployment is a good book."}">