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Trasharella: The Uncut Version (Collectors Edition)


On some level I have to believe that multi-hyphenate Rena Riffel is aware of what she's created. It really feels like she's trying to make a David Lynch movie (an odd direction to go, though Riffel did work with him on MULHOLLAND DRIVE.), but has no idea what she's doing. At first I thought I was in for some brilliant post-modern counterattack to the culture of criticism lodged at the first SHOWGIRLS, but it soon became apparent that the sequel can't decide if it wants to be a goofy parody of its predecessor or campy trash� like its predecessor. Instead Riffel just ends up making an even worse version of the 1995 film. It follows the same basic structure, hits the same plot points and even recreates a lot of the more famous scenes. You get the same hitchhiker to bookend the movie, the same understudy betrayal plot and the same ridiculous pool sex scene. Riffel even brings a lot of the same actors from the first movie to reprise their roles, though aside from Glenn Plummer's dancing mentor James, they're all minor characters you probably won't remember.

Today it's a cult classic and one of MGM's top selling DVD's of all time. Rena Riffel, who plays the tragic stripper Penny Hope, joins us over the phone from California to dish the dirt on Showgirls and talk about her upcoming ...


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From the Press Release:
Rack Focus at the American Cinematheque, in association with Women Underground and Etheria Film Night, is proud to present a special event screening of filmmaker Rena Riffel’s latest work, Astrid’s Self Portrait.