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Sideline Hoe

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If Renee Cox could see God as her reflection, and to reference Hurston again if Black women are indeed the mules of the earth, if Black people are indeed the most oppressed creature of humankind, what would happen if every Black woman, man or child, also believed that at their bare essence, they too were the divine? This philosophical quandary, is perhaps the underlying angst experienced by Guilliani, as he gazed upon Cox’s deified self. Perhaps, just as the Hebrew Christ figure before her died for the salvation of his believers, Renee offered her naked body up for martyrdom so that we too may have life eternal.

One of the most controversial African-American artists working today, Renee Cox has used her own body, both nude and clothed, to celebrate black womanhood and criticize our racist and sexist society.


photography "Baby Back" by Renee Cox

Renee Richards (born September 30, 1984) is a British porn star. Also known as Renee Cox, Renee Coxxx, Renee Richardson, Reni Cox.
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