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The 1969 Warner / Reprise Songbook

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Sinatra sold Reprise to Warner Brothers in 1963. The combined Warner Brothers/Reprise labels keptseparate A&R divisions for a while with Jimmy Bowen heading A&R for Reprise.

In 1963, Warner Bros began pressing the Reprise records as a favor to Frank Sinatra from friend Jack Warner - the reason the Reprise LP's state "A Product of Warner Bros" at the bottom of the label. This was the only involvement Warner Bros had with Reprise Records at the time until 1968. Frank Sinatra sold Reprise to Warner Bros in 1968 yet retained a 20% interest in the company. Many of the older artists were dropped when Sinatra sold the label to in early 1968. Reprise president was retained as the head of the label and he went on to play a very significant role in the history of the Warner group of labels over the next four decades. Warner-Reprise executives began targeting younger acts, beginning by securing the American distribution rights to the recordings by in 1964. Reprise would later add teen-oriented pop acts like and Frank's own daughter , before moving almost exclusively to pop-oriented music in the late 1960s.


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