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Software Project Survival Guide (Developer Best Practices)


Any review of Microsoft Project 2010 new features must begin with the ribbon. The biggest tactile difference between Project 2010 and its predecessors (Project 2003 and 2007) is in place of the standard toolbar. If you haven’t worked with the ribbon before it does take some adjusting—but if you’re downloading Project 2010, you are most likely already familiar with it.

The recurring theme of this review of Microsoft Project 2010 new changes is that Project 2010 works for you, and it learns your personality. It plays into your hands so you must remember that you, not Project 2010, are heading the project. It’s true that once you become comfortable with it, your personal choices will make your project files all look alike. But what’s wrong with that? The living, breathing thing is the project, not the software that gets you there—although with this wonderful updated version it’s difficult to remember that!


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