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  • Given Name: Richard William Burgi
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Sentinel: The Complete Series all 4 Season (65 Episodes)


Ava and Nina Clash Again!
As Ava () schemes and manipulates, she also makes a surprising discovery and then turns to Paul (Richard Burgi) with an interesting request. By the end of the week, she’s interfering in Nina’s life once again just as Nina’s quest for a baby heats up.

YAY, Richard Burgi! YAY, Nakedity! Evidently, he’s kind of a ‘tard in real life, but I guess he wouldn’t actually need to do any conversing, would he? Heh…


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We four–Burgi made us feel like a quartet of equals in much the same way that Socrates must have drawn into his circle those of his interlocutors who were sympathetic to his manner and craved to share in what he thought and felt–read many poems of Kavafy and Seferis and Ritsos. We read a contemporary Greek play and then went and saw and heard it performed. We read detective novels. We absorbed Richard Burgi’s aquifer-like passion for the Greek language in all its forms from the second millennium BCE to the present.