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Richard Dillane (born 1964) is an English actor. He played British agent Peter Nicholls in 's 2012 Iran-based political thriller, , winner among other things of the 2013 Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe for Best Picture, and Merv the husband of (played by ) in 's fact-based movie .

Richard Dillane was the last of four children born near London to an Australian father and English mother. He went to Langley Park School in Beckenham and Manchester University where he gained a first class degree in philosophy, and then emigrated to Australia where he has citizenship through his father. His professional debut was at the Western Australian Theatre Company in Perth and in 1987 he played Hamlet directed by Ray Omodei. While in Australia, besides acting and other work such as being a wilderness white water rafting guide in Tasmania, he directed plays and assisted on operatic and musical productions before returning to the UK in 1994 where his screen career began. He and his actress wife Jayne McKenna have three children, all boys.


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"I'll do my best," Daniel says in response, before we get a first look at the bustling Berlin offices -- Valerie lovingly calls it "an insane asylum" -- and meeting several of his new colleagues, played by Richard Dillane and Leland Orser, who bring him into the madness: "Welcome to Berlin."