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Robert Toru Kiyosaki was born a fourth generation Japanese American in Hilo, Hawaii on April 8 1947, just two years after the conclusion of the Second World War. He had two sisters Emi (1948) and Beth (1951), and one brother Jon (1949), all younger.

As a son of two anti-war Peace Corps workers and a worker for what was considered a “non-defense vital industry” (Standard Oil), Kiyosaki was deemed ineligible for the Vietnam War draft. Regardless, after his brother enlisted in the Air Force in 1969, Robert Kiyosaki promptly joined the Marines, and was for ‘courage and devotion to duty in the face of hazardous flying conditions.’


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Robert Toru Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is an American businessman, investor, author, educator, motivational speaker, activist, , and radio personality. Kiyosaki is the founder of the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books, videos, games, seminars, blogs, coaching, and workshops. He is also the creator of the Cashflow board and software games to educate adults and children business and financial concepts.