• Rossie Lee Harris Jr. Sworn-in As Family Court Judge
  • - (1996) As Ross Harris, member of the California band Sukia
  • Buzzy(as Ross Harris)
  • Himself(as Ross Harris)

Vintage Photo of JAMES CAAN, ROSSIE HARRIS "Another Man, Another Chance" (GU571)

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The Governor nominated Attorney Maureen Keough to the Supreme Court, Judge Michael Forte, Magistrate Rossie Lee Harris and Attorney Lia Stuhslatz to the Family Court, Attorneys Brian Goldman and James Caruolo to the District Court and Judge Robert Ferrieri and Attorney Michael Feeney to the Workers’ Compensation Court.

Last week, Cobb County Police Department Phil Stoddard testified that , according to HLNTV. The Reddit account matches an account name on Instagram believed to belong to Harris as well. Authorities believe the Reddit account belongs to Harris because the account activity includes specific details about Justin Ross Harris’ life.


Rossie Harris Biography - Rotten Tomatoes

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