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  • W moim odczuciu przekręty Rywina, w porównaniu do tego, co wyczyniał poprzedni rząd są niczym.
  • Prosecutors had demanded a three-year jail sentence for Rywin and a fine of $62,500.
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Who Mr. Rywin was working for, and how serious his offer was, is still not known. Mr. Rywin first said he was representing the prime minister, a claim that Mr. Miller called the ravings of a ''mentally unstable person.'' Mr. Rywin then said he was acting on behalf of the head of Polish state television and the state broadcast regulating board.

In his newspaper interview last weekend, President Kwasniewski also criticized the prime minister for failing to inform prosecutors when he first heard the bribery accusations at a meeting with Mr. Rywin and Mr. Michnik last July.


Ale uważa pan, że świadek koronny pomawia Lwa Rywina?

Lew Rywin (born November 10, 1945 in a , , ) is a associated with (est. 1991). He has also been a member of the Polish Radio and TV committee and worked in an agency, Poltel, producing for Polish state-run TV.