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Samsung S Mouse for Tablets (ET-MP900DBEGUJ) for Galaxy Note Pro & Tab Pro


1983's marked the theatrical debut of as Mickey Mouse. Allwine, who would serve as Mickey's official voice actor from 1977 until his death in 2009, once recounted something MacDonald had told him about voicing the character: "The main piece of advice that Jim gave me about Mickey helped me keep things in perspective. He said, 'Just remember kid, you're only filling in for the boss.' And that's the way he treated doing Mickey for years and years. From Walt, and now from Jimmy." Allwine was, incidentally, married to , the current voice of . voiced Mickey in two TV specials in the mid-1980's: and . voiced Mickey in the 1980s Disney albums and . He also provided his voice for toy in 1986. briefly voiced Mickey in a few episodes of the first season of

Mickey is easily recognized by his red shorts with white buttons, white gloves and large yellow shoes as well as his round mouse ears. He often gets himself into trouble that varies in seriousness as a result of his mischief and the fact that he can be forgetful, but extremely imaginative. Even so, he can often think quickly enough to get himself out of a predicament before things get too out of hand, mostly because of his incredible imagination, persistence, and valiant ways.


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The right side of the Turret keyboard flips up to give you a square area for you to use the mouse on. The mouse also has some magnets on the bottom to help keep it on the pad. Don’t worry though as the magnets aren’t strong enough to make using the mouse a hindrance. I do wish the mouse pad area was able to lock into place as it’s a little too easy to bend it away from the keyboard, even slightly. Also, the mouse area is a little small so unless you have a very sensitive setup, you’ll probably find yourself running out of room a few times.