Thanks to Sacha Segan for sorting this out for us.
  • Thanks to Sacha Segan for sorting this out for us
  • Sacha Segan at PCMag wrote,
  • as Sacha Segan of PC Magazine notes, the same attributes that Microsoft is embracing.
  • Sacha Segan for PC Mag has his doubts.

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Too low to display

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that native iPad apps easily outstrip those found on the Google Play store. As pointed out by Sacha Segan over at , Android developers frequently take the easy route and just blow up their existing phone apps to various tablet screen sizes by means of the Android operating system’s built-in resolution-independence features.

Stay with MeeGo
From what I've seen, most of my tech journalist colleagues are advocating this path. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, for instance, an OS switch to Microsoft happening. Similarly, Sacha Segan and Eric Zeman at also urged Nokia to develop MeeGo as a worthy competitor to Google and Microsoft.


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