• The world of Safehold
  • In ,  and  travel to Safehold in search of the  which lies within it.
  • Safehold is a  of the , on the outskirts of the .
  • The numerical value of safehold in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

Hell's Foundations Quiver (Safehold)


Sadly "Safehold" had a cruel twist on its own name when Wil again lost the Elfstones, if only for a brief moment. Come on, buddy. These are the most important items in your possession. Maybe put them in a better pocket -- or the writers can come up with new ways to raise the stakes instead of resorting back to Wil "Butter Fingers" Ohmsford. Also, in an episode when the dystopian aspects of the world worked so well, the twist on Morag and Mallenroh was a bit cheesy and stereotypical of fantasy stories. That sequence could have worked just as effectively if the witches weren't in it.

Overall, "Safehold" offered a solid and effective build up to The Shannara Chronicles' Season 1 finale. The final sequence showing the Ellcrys die and the Dagda Mor and demons ready for war was excellent payoff for the season-long conflict. While The Shannara Chronicles does have some trouble selling its high fantasy elements, the dystopian aspects of the series are cool and interesting. The character development in "Safehold" was also solid, particularly with the twist that Bandon is controlled by the Dagda Mor.


Programs | Safehold Special Risk

One by one, each colony world is annihilated. A hopeless defense forestalls the end for several decades. Emergency colonies are started on faraway worlds to save the species, but all are wiped out. One last fleet escapes Earth via trickery. A terraforming team led by Pei Shan-Wei arrives first on a new world ahead of the fleet carrying 8 million colonists. They name it Safehold.