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Selling Backwards, ad sales training book for media ad sales training by ad sales expert Ryan Dohrn


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SALES: EXACTLY How To Stop Being a Little BITCH and SELL ANYTHING in 5 EASY Steps (Sales, Sales Techniques, Sales Management, Sales Success) (Volume 1)


The best sales training method (at least the most expedient and least expensive) is reading. A must for every sales professional, reading teaches us new, and sharpens our existing, sales skills. However, there are so many sales training books! Which ones will have maximum impact for your sales career?

What makes this one of the essential sales training books? Sales people focus on creating value, and then because of a lack of basic negotiation skills, they give some of that value away unnecessarily.


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This is one of the top sales books because this sales training book is about training salesmen from within. This sales training book shows how a simple technique can unlock one's inner energy,intelligence and creativity, and apply those to selling, to naturally increase sales while reducing stress.