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  • Sam Halliday. Two Door Cinema Club.
  • Sam Halliday // Oshawa, Jan. 14th 2011 by cndc lin, via Flickr
  • Sam Halliday. Two Door Cinema Club.

Sonic Modernity: Representing Sound in Literature, Culture and the Arts (Edinburgh Critical Studies in Modernist Culture)


Sam Halliday is my favourite, he's got a great voice. I just love him so much. Anyway, Sam is now at the age of 21, and still is rocking the look of a teenager. Sam can also play the guitar, sam go's well with the rest of the group. Although if sam worked hard he could do it by himself. For now i hope Twenty Twenty stay together.

Sam Halliday is a chartered mathematician and software engineer with a love for technology innovation and free software (ENSIME, spark/netlib-java, etc).
Sam will also lead the right after ScalaSphere.


Sam Halliday. Two Door Cinema Club.

Two Door Cinema Club's Sam Halliday can be seen playing a Gibson ES-330 electric guitar. His particular model does not have a pickguard, and has a Bigsby installed. Several of his tweets reveal this is a vintage model from 1964.