• by Sandra Kooij
Uit de opleiding Creatief DTP'er, door Sandra Kooij


Sandra Kooij vertelt hoe de hersenen werken van iemand met ADHD


  • Titel: Adult ADHD Autoren/Herausgeber: J.J. Sandra Kooij Ausgabe:
  • Volgens journaliste Jacqueline Steenwijk is psychiater Sandra Kooij een leugenaar.
  • Uit de opleiding Creatief DTP'er, door Sandra Kooij

Adult ADHD: Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment


The Dutch coast has always been a source of inspiration for artists. Sandra Kooij (ADHD psychiatrist and researcher, founder of ADHDFund) and fellow artist Anne Kjems Philipsen (ADHD psychiatrist from Denmark) were certainly inspired. They spent a day at the Dutch coast to paint. They donate these two beautiful works of art to the ADHD art…

Dr J.J. Sandra Kooij is a psychiatrist and researcher in the field of adult ADHD. She is head of the Adult ADHD Program at PsyQ in The Hague, and head of the PsyQ Expertise Centre Adult ADHD. Sandra Kooij started as a psychiatrist in 1995 with the development of diagnostic assessment, treatment and research in the field of adult ADHD in the Netherlands. In 2006 she received her PhD on a thesis entitled ‘ADHD in adults. Clinical studies on Assessment and Treatment’. She is involved in research, treating patients, training professionals, informing the public, publishing articles, and websites.


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