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Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization, Second Edition


The design of switching power supplies has become one of the most crucial aspects of electronics, particularly in the fast-growing market for portable devices. Whether you're a newcomer to power supply design or an experienced hand, this book belongs on your shelves. Rigorous and carefully explained, expert Sanjaya Maniktala's gives you both a practical tutorial and a handy quick reference. Delivering easy-to-understand converter design strategies, this book features:

Sanjaya Maniktala is a Principal Engineer with National Semiconductor. He holds two patents in power supply technology and has written numerous articles on power supply design, appearing in such magazines as and He lives in Fremont, California.


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Author Sanjaya Maniktala manages to focus on the key aspects of which are the very essence of any switching power supply design. His books tend to be a complete coverage of their topics and stand alone as a reference for a designer---this one is no exception. This exhaustive-coverage “designer manual” starts with moves on to various topologies, both and on to It does not stop there.