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A History of the World in 500 Walks


With literary luminaries descending on the city this week, now is the time to stroll the streets that inspired the likes of Austen and Dickens, says Sarah Baxter

The Sorrento Coast may be known for its glitzy beach resorts, but far more enchanting are its sun-drenched lemon groves, as Sarah Baxter discovered on a fragrant farm stay


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I stayed after Chandler’s race to cheer on his teammates in the other races. And also I wanted to see Sarah Baxter run her last league race. Sarah Baxter is the #1 high school girls’ cross country runner in the nation. She is a running sensation who has never lost a high school race and smashes records at every course she runs. She’ll get a free ride to the college of her dreams and she will most likely make the Summer Olympic team in 2020 if not 2016.